Extreme Listening examples

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example #1: Which of these "instruments" is capable of playing a melody?
example #2: The nature of "melody" as demonstrated in "Chopsticks."
example #3: Which instruments are playing the melody, and which are playing harmony?
example #4: Match a rhythm pattern to an instrument
example #5: How important is rhythm in music?
example #6: Pitch recognition and phrasing in "Old MacDonald."
example #7: Pitch recognition test
example #8: A closer look at intervals
example #8b: intervals and Solfege
example #9: Explorating intonation
example #10: Vibrato & tremolo
example #11: A closer look at rhythmic patterns
example #12: Identifying time signatures
example #13: Colorblind test
example #14: The envelope of an instrument's sound
example #15: Check your internal metronome
example #16: Swing feel
example #17: "Stolen Moments" tenor solo